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Jazz & Improv

3bpm “First Hearing” CD (Slam) £8.00 Used - Very Good
Pepper Adams “Hollywood Quintet Sessions” CD (Fresh Sound) £10.95 New
Cannonball Adderley And The Bossa Rio Sextet with Sergio Mendes Vinyl LP (WaxTime) £16.95 New
The Ägg “The Ägg” Vinyl LP (Found You) £12.95 New
Paolo Agneli “Nita L'Angelo Sul Trapezio” CD (ReR) £5.00 Used - Very Good
Marshall Allen with Lou Grassi's PoBand “PoZest” (CIMP) CD £11.95 New
Rashied Ali/ Peter Kowald/ Assif Tsahar “Deals, Ideas And Ideals” CD (Hopscotch) £14.95 New
Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass “The Lonely Bull” Vinyl LP (WaxTime) £15.95 New
Ask “The Formulary Of Curses” CD (Discus) £5.00 New
Albert Ayler “Live On The Riviera” CD (ESP) £14.95 New
Chet Baker “Chet Baker & Crew” 180g Vinyl LP (WaxTime) £16.95 New
Jim Baker & Michael Zerang “The Earth Session Vol. I/II” (BOXmedia) CD £8.00 Used - Very Good
A. Spencer Barefield/ Oliver Lake/ Andrew Cyrille “Live At Leverkusener Jazztage” CD (Sound Aspects) £14.95 New
The Luke Barlow Band “The Luke Barlow Band” CD (CopePod) £3.00 Used - Very Good
Ray Barretto Charanga Band “Barretto Para Bailar” Vinyl LP (WaxTime) £15.95 New
Pascal Battus “Pick-Up” CD (Amor Fati) £7.00 New
Mick Beck “Life Echoes” CD (Discus) £9.95 New
Greg Bendian & Alex Cline “Espiritu” CD (Truemedia Jazzworks) £5.00 Used - Very Good
Jeb Bishop & Sebi Tramonatana “Chicago Defenders” CD (Wobbly Rail) £4.50 Used - Good
Blastula “Scarnoduo” CD (Amirani) £9.00 New
Michiel Braam’s Wurli Trio “Non-functionals!” CD (BBB) £9.00 New
Bobby Bradford/ Frode Gjerstad Quartet “The Delaware River” Vinyl LP (NoBusiness) £20.95 New
Anthony Braxton “Composition No. 174” CD (Leo) £11.95 New
Anthony Braxton & Walter Franks “Four Improvisations (Duets) 2004” 2CD (Leo) £19.95 New
Buddy Bregman “A Jazz Portrait of the Hollywood Arranger” CD (Jazz City) £10.95 New
Patrick Brennan with Lisle Ellis “saunters, walks, ambles” CD (CIMP) £11.95 New
The Dave Brubeck Quartet “Bossa Nova U.S.A.” 180g Vinyl LP (WaxTime) £16.95 New
The Dave Brubeck Quartet “Time Further Out + 7 Bonus Tracks!” CD (Essential Jazz Classics) £8.95 New
Chris Burn “Music For Three Rivers” CD (Victo) £13.95 New
Chris Burn's Ensemble “Navigations” CD (Acta) £14.95 New
Dave Burrell/ Steve Swell “Turning Point” CD (NoBusiness) £13.95 New
Kenny Burrell “Weaver Of Dreams” Vinyl LP (WaxTime) £15.95 New
George Burt / Raymond MacDonald Septet Featuring Lol Coxhill “The Great Shark Hunt” CD (FMR) £6.00 Used - Very Good
C.O.D. Trio (Biagio Coppa/ Gabriele Orsi/ Francesco Di Lenge) “Odd Original Songs” CD (Silta) £12.95 New
Uri Caine “Szpilman” (Multikulti Project) £13.95 New
Jean-Luc Cappozzo/ Géraldine Keller “Air Prints” CD (Ayler) £9.00 New
Jean-Luc Cappozzo/ Dider Lasserre “Ceremony's A Name For The Rich Horn” Vinyl 10” (NoBusiness) £18.95 New
Johnny Carisi “The Music Of” CD (Fresh Sound) £10.95 New
Juan Pablo Carletti/ Tony Malaby/ Christopher Hoffman “Niño/ Brujo” Vinyl LP (NoBusiness) £19.95 New
Collective 4tet “The Ropedancer” CD (Leo) £12.95 New
Alice Coltrane “Transcendence” CD (Warner Bros) £5.00 Used - Very Good
John Coltrane “Coltrane” Vinyl LP (WaxTime) £16.95 New
John Coltrane Quartet “Ballads” Vinyl LP (WaxTime) £16.95 New
Comanda Baraba “Jazz Resistant” CD (Rudi) £10.00 New
The Convergence Quartet “Owl Jacket” CD (NoBusiness) £12.95 New
The Convergence Quartet “Slow and Steady” CD (NoBusiness) £13.95 New
Corbett/ Stephens/ Marsh “Free Play” CD (Loose Torque) £13.95 New
Cro-Magnon “Cave Rock” Vinyl LP (ESP) £19.95 New
Tim Crowther / Steve Franklin / Tony Marsh “Amherst Dislodged” CD (Slam Productions) £4.50 Used - Very Good
Andrew Cyrille “X Man” CD (Soul Note) £6.00 Used - Very Good
D.A.T.A (4) “…Now Processing…” CD (Slam Productions) £4.00 Used - Very Good
Bertrand Denzler/ John Edwards/ Eddie Prévost “Meetings With Remarkable Saxophonists, Volume 4” CD (Matchless) £13.95 New
Diatribes & Barry Guy “Multitude” CD (C12 o O1) £13.95 New
Ted Daniel “In The Beginning” CD (Altura Music) £14.95 New
Miles Davis “Workin' + The Musings Of Miles” CD (MasterJazz) £9.95 New
Miles Davis All Stars “Walkin'” CD (Essential Jazz Classics) £8.95 New
The Miles Davis Quintet “Cookin' + Relaxin'” CD (MasterJazz) £9.95 New
Miles Davis Quintet with John Coltrane “Live in Saint Louis, February 16 & 23, 1957” CD (RLR) £11.95 New
Dawson/ May/ Jazzfinger/ Clay “Dawson/ May/ Jazzfinger/ Clay” CD (Pink Triangle) £8.00 Used - Very Good
Decision Dream “Steamroom Variations” CD (Red Toucan) £3.00 Used - Very Good
Jimmy Deuchar “The Complete Tempo Recordings 1955-1858” 2CD (Acrobat) £9.95 New
Giorgio Dini & Carlos Actis Dato “Out!” CD (Silta) £12.95 New
Dorgon “IIII” CD (Jumbo) £10.00 New
Dorgon & Laura Cromwell “Upsidedowncross” CD (Jumbo) £5.00 Used - Very Good
Axel Dörner & Mark Sanders “Stone Cipher” CD (Fataka) £12.95 New
Paul Dunmall/ Sophia Domancich/ Tony Levin/ Miles Levin “Golden Ocean” CD (Rare Music) £6.00 Used - Very Good
Duo Pantomorf “Antiforms” CD (LJ) £6.00 Used - Very Good
Duology “Golden Atoms” CD (Soul Note) £9.95 New
eBraam “3” CD (BBB) £8.00 New
John Edwards & Okkyung Lee “White Cable Black Wires” CD (Fataka) £12.95 New
Leif Elggren/ Per Jonsson/ Kent Tankred “UGN/ MAT” CD (Ash International) £12.95 New
Duke Ellington/ Charles Mingus/ Max Roach “Money Jungle” 180g Vinyl LP (WaxTime) £16.95 New
En En En “Rød & Blå” CD (Øra Fonogram) £8.00 New
The Engines “Wire & Brass” CD (Okka) £7.00 Used - Very Good
Ensemble 8 “Where Are We Now?” CD (Sound Art/ Voiceprint) £9.95 Used - Very Good
Chris Eubanks “New Beginnings” CD (CIMP) £11.95 New
Bill Evans Trio “Complete 1956-1962 Studio Albums” 4CD (Omnia Collected Works) £13.95 New
Bill Evans/ Ronald Shannon Jackson & Decoding Society “Jazz à go-go” CD (Akwarium) £13.95 New
Roberto Fabricciani/ Robin Hayward “Nella Basilica” CD (Another Timbre) £8.00 New
James Fei “Solo Works” CD (Leo Lab) £3.00 Used - Very Good
Agustí Fernandez & Zlatko Kaučič “Sonic Party” CD (Not Two) £13.95 New
Gerald Finzi - John Beaumont “The Story Tenor” CD (Story) £9.95 New
Paul Flaherty - Randall Colbourne Sextet “Fat Onions” CD (Cadence Jazz) £11.95 New
Paul Flaherty/ Steve Swell/ C. Spencer Yeh Weasel Walter “Dragonfly Breath” CD (Not Two) £13.95 New
Joe Fonda “From The Source” CD (Konnex) £13.50 New
Jean-Marc Foussat, Sylvain Guérineau & Joe McPhee “Quod” CD (Fou) £13.95 New
Free Jazz Quartet “Memories For The Future” CD (Matchless) £14.95 New
Gabriela Friedli Trio with Daniel Studer and Dieter Ulrich “Started” CD (Intakt) £10.00 New
Fred Frith “Allies” CD (ReR) £13.95 New
Joel Futterman “Inner Conversations” CD (Ear-rational) £11.95 New
Alessandro Garau / Gianluca Corona / Sebastiano Dessanay “Rebis” CD (Slam Productions) £3.00 Used - Very Good
Charles Gayle Quartet “More Live” 2CD (Knitting Factory Works) £15.00 New
Stan Getz “The Immortal Soul” 2CD (Metro Select) £5.95 New
Joachim Gies “Different Distances” (Leo Lab) CD £3.00 Used - Very Good
Giessen Improvisers Pool: Joe Bonica, Frank Rühl, Martin Speicher, Georg Wolf “Giessen Improvisers Pool” CD (Hybrid) £8.00 Used - Very Good
Frode Gjerstad/ Nick Stephens/ Paul Hession “Live At The Termite Club” CD (Loose Torque) £13.95 New
Frode Gjerstad & Nick Stephens “North Atlantic Drift” CD (Loose Torque) £13.95 New
Dennis González Yells At Eels “The Great Bydgoszcz Concert” CD (Ayler) £5.00 Used - Very Good
Forbes Graham/ Dvae Rempis/ Pandelis Karayorgis/ Luther Gray “Instruments of Change” CD ( Not Two) £13.95 New
Lou Grassi/ Tom Varner/ Ron Horton/ Tomas Ulrich “Neo Neo” CD (CIMP) £11.95 New
Lou Grassi's PoBand and Joseph Jarman “The Joy Of Being” CD (CIMP) £11.95 New
Guillermo Gregorio / Pandelis Karayorgis / Nate McBride “Chicago Approach” CD (Nuscope) £4.00 Used - Like New
Sylvain Guérineau “Dies Irae” CD (Amor Fati) £7.00 Used - Very Good
Mats Gustafsson/ Barry Guy/ Paul Lovens “Mouth Eating Trees and Related Activities” CD (Okka) £14.95 New
Jim Hall “Classic Quartets with Billy Taylor & Paul Bryant” CD (Essential Jazz Classics) £8.95 New
Graham Halliwell & Simon H. Fell “9 Points In Ascent” CD (Bruce's Fingers) £4.00 Used - Very Good
Tom Hamilton & Bruce Eisenbeil “Shadow Machine” CD (Pogus) £14.95 New
Fritz Hartschuh Quartet “Das Erik Satie Projekt: Metamorphosen Auf Der Basis Seiner Musik” CD (Konnex) £13.50 New
Franz Hautzinger “Gomberg II»Profile«” CD (Amor Fati) £7.00 Used - Very Good
Tubby Hayes “The Very Best Of” CD (Acrobat) £9.95 New
Charles Hayward/ Han-Earl Park/ Ian Smith Plus Lol Coxhill “Mathilde” CD (SLAM Productions) £13.95 New
Tyrone Henderson & David Bindman “Strawman Dance” CD (Konnex) £13.50 New
Earl Hines & His Esquire All Stars “Live At Club Hangover, San Francisco Jan. - Feb. 1954” CD (Acrobat) £9.95 New
Johnny Hodges & Earl Hines “Complete Recordings” 2CD (Solar) £15.95 New
Elmo Hope Ensemble “Sounds From Rikers Island” CD (Fresh Sound) £9.95 New
Walter Horn, Gary Kendig & Hugh Dickey “Screwdriver!” CD (Leo Lab) £3.00 Used - Very Good
Luc Houtkamp “The Rule of Thumb” CD (X-OR) £9.00 Used - Like New
Luc Houtkamp “The Songlines” CDr (X-OR) £6.00 Used - Like New
Houtkamp/ Beukman/ Prins/ Bauer “Metslawier” CD £6.00 Used - Very Good
Luc Houtkamp/ Pow Ensemble/ Maurice Horsthuis/ Guy Harries/ Goska Isphording “Continuum” CD £8.00 Used - Like New
Paul Hubweber/ Frank Paul Schubert/ Alexander von Schlippenbach/ Clayton Thomas/ Willi Kellers “Intricacies” 2CD (NoBusiness) £21.95 New
Shaukat Hussain, Jan Garbarek & Anouar Brahem “Madar” CD (ECM) £6.00 Used - Very Good
Hyperbole Trio “Hyperbole Trio” CD (Slam Productions) £9.95 New
Interzone Jazzorchestra “Transylvanian Grace” CD (Not Two) £13.95 New
Ahmad Jamal “Happy Moods” Vinyl LP (WaxTime) £15.95 New
Felix Jay & Nicola Alesini “Hermetic” CD (Hermetic) £2.00 Used - Very Good
Ove Johansson “Coast” CD (LJ) £4.00 Used - Very Good
Plas Johnson “This Must Be The Plas! + Mood For The Blues” CD (Fresh Sound) £10.95 New
Elvin Jones “Coalition” 180g Vinyl LP (Blue Note) £18.95 New
Zlatko Kaučič “Emigrants” CD (Leo) £6.00 Used - Very Good
Achim Kaufman/ Frank Gratkowski/ Wilbert De Joode “Kwast” 2CD (Konnex) £7.00 Used - Very Good
Achim Kaufmann / Frank Gratkowski / Wilbert De Joode “Palae” CD (Leo) £6.00 Used - Very Good
Kihnoua (Larry Ochs/ Dohee Lee/ Scott Amendola) “Unauthorized Caprices” CD (Not Two) £13.95 New
Thorsten Klentze Quartet “Tigrib” CD (Konnex) £13.50 New
Guy Klucevsek “Flying Vegetables of The Apocalypse” CD (Experimental Intermedia Foundation) £5.00 Used - Very Good
Michael Kowalski “Gringo Blaster” CD (Einstein) £2.00 Used - Very Good
Briggan Krauss/ Chris Dahlgren/ Jay Rosen “At All Costs Unknown” CD (CIMP) £11.95 New
Françoise Kucheida “B/Free/Bifteck” CD (Saravah) £9.00 Used – Very Good
Sergey Kuryokhin “Divine Madness” 4CD (Leo) £40.00 Used - Very Good
Martin Küchen/ Johan Berthling/ Steve Noble “Night In Europe” CD (NoBusiness) £13.95 New
Robert Kusiołek/ Perry Robinson/ Klaus Kugel/ Christian Ramond “The Universe” (Multikulti Project) £13.95 New
Urs Leimgruber/ ARTE Quartet “Xylem” CD (ASM/ STV) £6.00 Used – Like New
Gianni Lenoci Hocus Pocus 3 with Steve Potts “Bucket of Blood” CD (Silta) £12.95 New
Gianni Lenoci Hocus Pocus 4 & Taylor Ho Bynum “Empty Chair” CD (Silta) £12.95 New
Gianni Lenoci/ Kent Carter/ Bill Elgart “Plaything” Vinyl LP (NoBusiness) £19.95 New
Gianni Lenoci/ Giorgio Dini/ Markus Stockhausen “Ergskkem” CD (Silta) £12.95 New
Marilyn Lerner/ Ken Filiano/ Lou Grassi “Live at Edgefest” Vinyl LP (NoBusiness) £19.95 New
Tony Levin Quartet “Live In Viersen” CD (Rare Music) £7.00 New
Sebastian Lexer/ Evan Parker/ Eddie Prévost “Tri-Borough Triptych” CD (Matchless) £13.95 New
Liebig/ Vatcher/ Golia “On The Cusp Of Fire & Water” (Red Toucan) CD £3.00 Used - Very Good
Luis Lopez Humanization 4tet “Electricity” (Ayler) CD £6.00 Used - Like New
Frank Lowe, Michael Marcus & James Carter/ Bay Area All-stars “Fire On The Fifth Floor/ Now's The Time” Vinyl 7” (Not Two) £12.95 New
Raymond MacDonald & Aoife Mannix “Other Voices” CD (Nu-Jazz Europe) £5.00 Used - Very Good
Thollem McDonas “Racing The Sun, Chasing The Sun” CD (Creative Sources) £3.00 Used - Good
Thollem McDonas/ Nicola Guazzaloca “Noble Art: Comprovisation Concert For Two Pianos” CD (Amirani) £6.00 Used - Very Good
John McLaughlin “The Promise” (Verve) CD £5.00 Used - Very Good
McPhail/ Moore/ Prévost “Resoundings +” CD (Matchless) £13.95 New
Michael Marcus Trio “The Magic Door” CD (Not Two) £14.95 New
Bob Magnuson with Lou Grassi “Creative Catalysts” CD (CIMP) £11.95 New
Michael Marcus Trio “Soulifications” (Soul Note) CD £6.00 Used - Very Good
Al Margolis/ If, Bwana “Rex Xhu Ping” CD (Pogus) £14.95 New
Ross Martin/ Max Johnson/ Jeff Davis “Big Eyed Rabbit” CD (Not Two) £13.95 New
Dirk Marwedel “Improvisationen Über Die Trichter-Skala” CD (Hybrid) £9.00 Used - Very Good
Masada “Vol. 7” CD (Tzadik) £14.95 New
Keshavan Maslak with Sunny Murray and John Lindberg “Loved By Millions” CD (Leo) £12.95 New
Mass “Mass” (Paratactile) CD £8.00 Used - Very Good
Guerino Mazzola/ Joomi Park “Passionate Message: 12 New Works for Piano Duos” CD (Silkheart) £9.00 New
Metamorphosis “Dip: Contaminated Chamber Music” (Leo) CD £5.00 Used - Very Good
Szilárd Mezei Tubass Quintet “Canons - 2nd Hoisting” Vinyl LP (NoBusiness) £12.95 New
Gianni Mimmo/ Hannah Marshall/ Nicola Guazzaloca “Again: The Shoreditch Trio Live In Bruxelles” CD (Amirani) £9.00
Charles Mingus “The 1962 Town Hall Concert” Vinyl LP (WaxTime) £16.95 New
Charles Mingus “Legendary Trios” CD (Gambit) £12.95 New
Phil Minton & Günter Christmann ”(for) friends and neighbo(u)rs“ CD (Concepts Of Doing/ Editions Explico) £12.95 New
Phil Minton “A Doughnut's End” Vinyl LP (Fataka) £17.95 New
Phil Minton & Veryan Weston “Songs From A Prison Diary” CD (Leo) £12.95 New
Hank Mobley “Workout” Vinyl LP (WaxTime) £16.95 New
Liudas Mockūnas & Ryoji Hojito “Vacation Music” CD (NoBusiness) £13.95 New
Thelonius Monk Trio & Quartet “Unissued Live At Newport 1958 - 59” CD (Gambit) £12.95 New
Lee Morgan/ Clifford Jordan Quintet “Live In Baltimore 1968” CD (Fresh Sound) £10.95 New
Ikue Mori & Steve Noble “Prediction And Warning” CD (Fataka) £12.95 New
Joe Morris “Sensor” Vinyl LP (NoBusiness) Lawrence D. “Butch” Morris “Conduction #70: Tit For Tat” CD (For4Ears) £13.95 New
Lawrence D. “Butch” Morris “Testament: A Conduction Collection” (New World) 10CD Boxset £50.00 Used - Very Good
Mark Murphy “Sings: Playing The Field; Rah; & That's How I Love The Blues” 2CD (Fresh Sound) £16.95 New
Sunny Murray Quintet “Aigu-Grave” CD (Disques Futura et Marge) £12.95 New
NRD “Sport i Religia” CD (Not Two) £13.95 New
The Necks “Mosquito/ See Through” 2CD (ReR) £15.95 New
The New Songs ”A Nest at the Junction of Paths” CD (Umlaut) £8.00 New
Newton/ Huber/ Puschnig “Color Fields Unit” CD £5.00 Used - Very Good
Lauren Newton/ Patrick Scheyder/ Vladimir Tarasov “Artesian Spirits: Live In Borjomi” (Leo) CD £5.00 Used - Very Good
Pascal Niggenkemper (featuring Simon Nabatov & Gerald Cleaver) “Upcoming Hurricane” CD (NoBusiness) £13.95 New
Nologicduo “Fantasia For 4 Hands and 1 Mouse” CD (Silta) £12.95 New
The Nu Band “Live in Paris” (Roy Campbell, Jr., Joe Fonda, Lou Grassi, & Mark Whitecage) CD (NoBusiness) £13.95 New
John O'Gallagher “Axiom” CD (CIMP) £11.95 New
Uwe Oberg/ Georg Wolf/ Jörg Fischer ”>LO<” CD (Leo) £12.95 New
The Occasional Quartet (Garry Todd/ Nigel Coombes/ Nick Stephens/ Tony Marsh) “Desire Lines” CD (Loose Torque) £13.95 New
Ochs-Robinson Duo “The Throne” CD (Not Two) £13.95 New
Outward Bound “The Path” CD (SLAM Productions) £13.95 New
Johnny Pacheco “Pacheco Y Su Charanga Vol II + Pacheco Y Su Charanga Vol I” CD (Malanga) £8.95 New
Pair A' Dice “Near Vhana” CD (Ninth World Music) £4.00 Used - Very Good
Joe Panzner/ Greg Stuart “Dystonia Duos” CD (Erstwhile) £6.00 Used - Good
Sakis Papadimitriou “Improvising At Barakos” CD (J.N.D.) £8.00 Used - Very Good
Marilena Paradisi “Come Dirti” CD (Silta) £12.95 New
Marilena Paradisi & Ivan Macera “The Cave: Dialogues Between Echoes Of Stone” CD (Silta) £12.95 New
Evan Parker & Ned Rothenberg “Live at Roulette” CD (Animul) £13.95 New
Evan Parker/ John Edwards/ Eddie Prévost “Meeetings with Remarkable Saxophonists, Volume 1” CD (Matchless) £13.95 New
Emanuele Parrini “Viagio Al Centro Del Violino Vol. 1” CD (Rudi) £10.00 Used - Very Good
Johnnie Pate Trio “Complete Recordings 1955-1956” CD (Fresh Sound) £10.95 New
Ronnie Lynn Patterson & Didier Lasserre “The Gernika Suite” CD (Amor Fati) £6.00 Used - Very Good
“Big” John Patton “The Organization” CD (Blue Note) £8.00 Used - Very Good
Art Pepper Quintet “Smack Up” CD (Essential Jazz Classics) £8.95 New
Oscar Peterson “The Jazz Soul Of” Vinyl LP (WaxTime) £16.95 New
Umberto Petrin “Ooze” CD (Splasc(h)) £4.00 Used - Very Good
Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky/ Michael Griener “The Salmon” CD (Intakt) £8.00 Used - Like New
Michael Pisaro/ Philip Thomas “Fields Have Ears” CD (Another Timbre) £13.50 New
Gregory Porter, Mansur Scott, Donald Smith “Great Voices of Harlem” CD (PAO) £13.50 New
Eddie Prévost Trio “The Blackbird's Whistle” CD (Matchless) £13.95 New
Quatuor Hêlios: Isabelle Berteletti/ Florent Haladjian/ Jean-Christophe Feldhandler/ Lê Quan Ninh “Quatuor Hêlios” CD (Vand’Oeuvre) £6.50 Used – Like New
Radius “Revelation” CD (Ear-rational) £13.95 New
RED trio “Rebento” Vinyl LP (NoBusiness) £12.95 New
reFLEXible “Realgar” CD (Amirani) £3.00 Used - Like New
Django Reinhardt “The Last Studio Sessions” CD (Essential Jazz Classics) CD £8.95 New
The Remote Viewers “City Of Nets” CD (RV10) £7.00 New
Revolutionary Ensemble ”>Beyond The Boundary Of Time” CD (Mutable) £14.95 New
Margrit Rieben/ Hans Burgener/ Ursula Hoffman “Lilith” CD (For 4 Ears) £6.00 New
Pete Robbins's Unnamed Quartet “Live in Brooklyn” CD (Not Two) £13.95 New
Jason Robinson/ Anthony Davis/ Peter Kowald/ George Lewis/ Michael Dessen/ Hans Fjellestad/ Nathan Hubbard/ Stephanie Johnson/ Marcelo Radulovich “Tandem” CD (Accretions) £9.50 New
Sonny Rollins “The Bridge” Vinyl LP (WaxTime) £16.95 New
Sonny Rollins Quintet “The Montreal Concert 1982” CD (Gambit) £12.95 New
Carolyn Del Rosario Sextet ”>Kulintang Floating<” CD (Konnex) £13.50 New
David Rosenboom/ Anthony Braxton “Two Lines” CD (Lovely) £13.95 New
Ned Rothenberg & Denman Maroney “Tools Of The Trade” CD (CIMP) £11.95 New
Mikel Rouse Broken Consort “Soul Menu” CD (New Tone) £11.95 New
Keith Rowe & Jeffrey Morgan “Dial: Log-rhythm” CD (Matchless) £13.95 New
Keith Rowe/ Alfredo Costa Monteiro/ Kurt Liedwart “Contour” CD (Mikroton) £13.95 New
Hal Russell “Hal's Bells” CD (ECM) £8.00 Used - Very Good
Russian & German Composer's Quartet “Not Only For…” CD (Leo) £12.95 New
Tetsu Saitoh/ Michel Doneda/ Chon Chul-Gi/ Noriko Tsuboi/ Zai Kuning “Pagan Hymn” CD (JABARA) £12.00 New
Antonello Salis, Joey Baron “Keys And Skins” CD (C.A.M. Jazz) £9.00 New
Sambar “Melt! CD (Not Two) £13.95 New
John Sampen “The Contemporary Saxophone” CD (Neuma) £10.00 Used - Very Good
Sten Sandell “Songs” CD (LJ) £12.00 New
Alexander von Schlippenbach & Eddie Prévost “Blackheath” CD (Matchless) £13.95 New
Peter A. Schmid & Vinny Golia “Birdology” CD (Leo) £5.00 Used - Like New
Joseph Scianni “One Eyed Jack” CD (Cadence Jazz) £11.95 New
Ronnie Scott “Fast & Loose: Live in 1954” CD (Acrobat) £9.95 New
SEDA “Oriental Bird” CD (Konnex) £13.50 New
The George Shearing Trio “Jazz Moments” (Essential Jazz Classics) £8.95 New
Matthew Shipp “Before The World” CD (Free Music Production) £9.95 New
Alan Silva & The Sound Visions Orchestra “Alan Silva & The Sound Visions Orchestra” CD (Eremite) £14.95 New
Sonny Simmons “Live At Rive De Gier” CD (Hello World!) £11.95 New
Ken Simon Quartet “Another Side” CD (CIMP) £11.95 New
Blaise Siwula/ Vattel Cherry/ Jeff Arnal “Expositions Of Freedom… Now!” CD (Cadence Jazz) £11.95 New
Gary Smith/ Joe Gallivan “Eleven Improvisations” CD (Paratactile) £13.50 New
Jimmy Smith “Bashin' - The Unpredicatble Jimmy Smith” Vinyl LP £16.95 New
Snus: Niklas Barnö, Joel Grip, Didier Lasserre “Can’t Stop Snusing” CD (Ayler) £10.00 New
Sonic Friction “Changing With The Times” CD (Naxos Jazz) £2.50 Used - Very Good
Glenn Spearman “Blues For Falasha” CD (Tzadik) £13.95 New
David Stackenäs, Joe Williamson, Phil Durrant “The King Of Herrings” CDr (Jedso) £8.00 New
Jiří Stivín/ Rob Van Den Broeck/ Ali Haurand “Bordertalk” CD (CIMP) £11.95 New
Fredy Studer/ Hamid Drake/ Michael Zerang “Drummin' Chicago” CD (FMR) £7.00 Used - Very Good
Sun Ra “Live in Rome” 2CD (Transparency) £15.95 New
Sun Ra & His Arkestra “Cosmo Sun Connection” CD (ReR) £13.95 New
Sun Ra & His Arkestra “Love In Outer Space” CD (Leo) £12.95 New
Sun Ra & His Myth Science Orchestra “The Antiquarian Blacks” CD (Artyard) Sun Ra & His Myth Science Orchestra “Nidhamu + Dark Myth Equation Visitation” CD (Artyard) Gabor Szabo “Macho” CD (Sony/ CTI) £6.00 Used - Very Good
Jean-Luc Therminarias “DrumLike” CD (326 Music) £7.00 Used – Very Good
Michael Thieke Unununium “Where Shall I Fly Not To Be Sad, My Dear” (Charhizma) CD £6.00 Used - Very Good
Toots Thielemans “The Soul of Toots Thielemans” Vinyl LP (WaxTime) £15.95 New
Toots Thielemans “Toots” CD (Blue Moon) £12.95 New
Pat Thomas “Al-Kwarizmi Variations” CD (Fataka) £12.95 New
John Tilbury & Evan Parker “Two Chapters and an Epilogue” CD (Matchless) £13.95 New
Jim Timmens “Porgy & Bess/ Showboat/ Gilbert & Sullivan/ Hallelujah! Spirituals” 2CD (Fresh Sound) £16.95 New
Tipple (Frode Gjerstad/ Kevin Norton/ David Watson) “No Sugar On Anything” CD (Ciculasiontotale) £13.95 New
Julie Tippett & Martin Archer “Tales Of FiNiN” 2CD (Discus) New
Keith & Julie Tippett “Couple In Spirit” Vinyl LP (Editions EG) £10.00 Used - Very Good
Toca Loca “Shed” CD (Henceforth) £7.50 Used - Like New
Torden Kvartetten “Devil's Last Call” CD (Ninth World Music) £4.00 Used - Very Good
Bertram Tyretzky + Damon Smith “Thoughtbeetle.” CDr (Balance Point Acoustics) £8.00 New
Ken Vandermark “Nine Ways To Read A Bridge” 5CD (Not Two) £59.95 New
Ken Vandermark: The Resonance Ensemble “Head Above Water” 2CD (NotTwo) £23.95 New
Various Artists (Evan Parker; John Edwards; Eddie Prévost; Christof Thewes; & Alexander von Schlippenbach) “3 Nights At Cafe Oto” 3CD & DVD (Matchless) £55.95 New
Various Artists “Jazz on Film: Biopics” 6CD (Moochin' About) £22.95 New
Vinkeloe/ Smith/ Nordeson “Elegans” CD (NuScope) £6.00 Used - Very Good
Leonid Vintskevich / Nick Vintskevich / Kip Reed / Joel Taylor “Singularity” (Slam Productions) CD £6.95 New
The Wall-London Band “Birth &Rebirth” CD (Not Two) £134.95 New
Alex Ward “Cremated Thoughts” CD (Treader) £10.00 New
Kazumi Watanabe “Pandora” CD (Gramavision) £8.00 Used - Very Good
Water Shed 5tet “Blue Plate Tectonics” CD (Rastascan) £6.00 Used - Very Good
Water Shed 5tet “Yellow Acid Rain” CD (Mighty Music) £3.00 Used - Very Good
Trevor Watts Moire Music Sextet “Saalfelden Encore” Vinyl LP (Cadillac) £15.00 New
Kate Westbrook/ Mike Westbrook “allsorts” CD (asc) £13.95 New
Randy Weston “Berkshire Blues” CD (Black Lion) £8.00 Used - Very Good
Mark Whitecage Trio “Free For Once” CD (CIMP) £11.95 New
Mark Whitecage 4tet + Joseph Scianni Trio “3 + 4 = 5” CD (CIMP) £11.95 New
Jürg Wickihalder / Chris Wiesendanger “A Feeling For Someone” (Intakt) CD £6.00 Used - Very Good
Urs Widmer/ Michael Riessler “Das Buch Der Albträume” CD (Intakt) £6.00 Used - Very Good
Wiesbadener Improvisations Trio “1991” (Hybrid Music Productions) CD £5.00 Used - Very Good
Wild Chamber Trio (Gianni Mimmo/ Elisabeth Harnik/ Clementine Gasser) “10,000 Leaves” CD (Not Two) £13.95 New
Joe Wilder and Pete Brown's Sextet “Such A Beautiful Sound” CD (Fresh Sound) £10.95 New
Davey Williams And Numb Right Thumb “Texas Was Delicious” CD (Megalon) £6.00 Used - Very Good
Nate Wooley “Wrong Shape To Be A Storyteller” CD (Creative Sources) £4.00 Used - Very Good
Nate Wooley & Matthew Wright “About Trumpet And Saxophone” CD (Fataka) £12.95 New
X-Communication “Deane • Hirsch • Hwang • Koch • Lovens • Morris • Reichel • Schütz” CD (FMP) £8.00 Used - Very Good
Jason Yarde /Oli Hayhurst/ Eddie Prévost “Meetings With Remarkable Saxophonists, Volume 3” CD (Matchless) £13.95 New
Ami Yoshida/ Christof Kurzmann “Aso” CD (Erstwhile) £7.00 New
Bobby Zankel Trio “Human Flowers” CD (CIMP) £11.95 New
Bobby Zankel Quintet “Prayer and Action” CD (CIMP) £11.95 New
Michael Zerang/ Fred Lonberg-Holm “35 Grapes (19 Shown)” CD (BOXmedia) £7.50 Used - Like New
Michael Zerang & Raymond Strid “Scratch Match” (Penumbra) CD £6.00 Used - Very Good
Omri Ziegele/ Yves Theiler “Inside – Innocence” CD (Intakt) £8.00 New

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